AC Maintenance

Often, when an AC unit is not functioning as it should, a full-scale repair is not always the solution. The machine might just be in need of some care and routine maintenance. 
At Texas Air Conditioning, we comprehend that accomplishing regular maintenance tasks may not be suitable for everyone, considering your busy schedules or simply a lack of technical know-how. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive AC maintenance service for your convenience. Our highly skilled AC technicians can visit your premises and conduct a full system assessment. Following this, they can pinpoint which components need cleaning and maintenance to prevent any serious malfunctioning down the line. 
Regular investment in AC maintenance can offer numerous benefits like reduced energy bills, longer lifespan of your AC units, early detection of potential problems, and improved air quality in your residence. Our maintenance service encompasses a host of tasks, including thermostat calibration, dirty or substandard air filter replacement, voltage testing, safety control checks, evaporator and condenser coil cleaning, condensate line inspection, cooling and heating output evaluation, and electrical component inspections. Moreover, we will recommend repairs where necessary.
Misguidedly, some only address AC maintenance and repairs when it becomes an absolute necessity. To save maximum costs while ensuring your AC system operates optimally, avail our highly-experienced air conditioning maintenance services today by getting in touch with our team at Texas Air Conditioning.

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